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Citysound Music is the home for the record, theatre, and film projects of Mark Governor.

An eclectic composer with a style that is both lyrical and rhythmically driving, Mark's music is an exciting and contemporary blend of classic orchestration with cutting edge alternative rock, dance, electronica and ethnic influences.

Mark has composed music for 20 feature films and over 25 television specials and documentaries. His songs have been heard in over 200 TV series, on just about every network and cable channel. Mark's work in independent film has been met with great critical acclaim, especially his scores for "Notes From Underground" and "Santa Fe" (both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival,) and his collaboration with Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop on the score for "The Brave".

For television, Mark has scored award-winning biographies of James Dean, Greta Garbo, Rock Hudson, and Groucho Marx for HBO and Disney, as well as network specials on subjects as diverse as Hollywood Westerns, The Sixties , and the US Space Program.

A prolific songwriter and music producer, Mark's scores often feature original songs. He has appeared on-camera as a vocalist in four feature films, including a featured role in "Rock & Roll High School Forever."

As a songwriter and record producer, he has worked with many artists including Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Fisher, Grant Lee Phillips, Jan King, Bird York, Concrete Blonde, Moxy Phinx and Carmen Rizzo.


Mark GovernorIn theater, Mark's rock musical “shAme” has had sell-out 8-10 week runs at 250 -500 seat venues in Los Angeles, Boston and Berlin and his Latin-themed “Possession: The Legend of El Rojo” is being developed for productions in LA and Europe in 2010.

Mark is the co-Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Rock Opera Co. Please visit their site for more on their productions, including Mark's original works "shAme" and "Possession.

Mark studied with renowned American composer Aaron Copland, and in the classical world, concert versions of his suite “On the Occasion of Falling Rain” have been performed by ensembles in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Boston.Mark has received commissions for ten dance pieces from Modern Dance companies in California, and he was the subject of a video documentary on his dance composition, "Peace By Piece", which won an Emmy award in 1993.

In 2009, Mark brought together electronica producer Carmen Rizzo and the Tuvan throat-singing ensemble Huun Huur Tu to create "Eternal", a groundbreaking electronic/world music project that topped the World Music charts and received great acclaim, including features on NPR and in Time magazine. Mark toured with the Eternal project as Musical Director, playing keyboards and arranging and conducting string ensembles in Perm, Russia, as well as New York, Los Angeles, and world music festivals in the US.