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shAmeThe Los Angeles Rock Opera presents:

A Rock Opera by
Mark Governor

Directed and Choreographed by
Janet Roston
Based on the novel
The Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Vocal Director:
Michael Wells
Assistant Director / Choreographer:
Liz Sroka
Produced By:
Carlos Carrasco and
Liz Sroka

Katrina Lenk, Mark Luna, Danny Shorago, Laura Darrell, Kelly Becerra, Joe Donohoe, Daniel Lujan, James W. Lynch, Trina Taylor and Erin Zaruba

Using powerful rock songs, soulful indie ballads and haunting melodies, "shAme" reinvigorates Rock Opera with a timeless story of sex, sin and redemption. The New York style King King Nightclub in Hollywood brings the audience into the world of "shAme" using video images, rock style lighting, and non-stop music that keeps this classic story of love and honor thrilling and current.

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LA Times:
shAmePuritans breaking into power ballads makes heady sense in Mark Governor's rock musical "shAme."

LA Weekly:
Who’d have guessed that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter would be a ripe fruit for an adaptation into a rock opera? Yet Mark Governor’s creation for an ensemble of 10 uses the saga of Puritan guilt as a valid exploration of “The Interior of a Heart”...under director-choreographer Janet Roston’s snappy staging, largely defined by Leah Piehl’s costumes.

Backstage West:
shAmeOne often sees shows that show promise but need work. It's rare indeed to be present as the pieces fall into place. The arrival of the cuckolded Roger Chillingworth-- a visceral performance b Danny Shorago -- rouses the production, which begins to soar once we finally hear from Hester Prynne. Katrina Lenk is an arresting presence who gives this crucial role life, and her voice is an intoxicating combination of strength, beauty, and pain.

StageScene LA:
Katrina Lenk dazzles as prim and proper Hester Prynne. Like Lenk, costar Mark Luna is as talented an actor as he is a singer. The amazing Laura Darrell does fine work as a young girl on the threshold of womanhood.


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